The Classical Syllabus™

Classical Pilates Syllabus

Classical Pilates is more than a repertoire of exercises; it is a unique system that combines the mind and body in partnership with a teacher who has knowledge, skill, and intuition. The best teachers not only have these qualities but also teach organically using their eyes, hands for proper placement, and succinct verbal cues to evaluate their student and create a program that will change the student's body.

MeJo was handpicked and groomed by Romana to become one of her Teacher Trainers. She has been teaching seminars since 2003 and has created this seminar series for certified Pilates Instructors. This series is designed to go beyond certification to a deeper understanding of the Classical Method of Pilates. Its purpose is to enhance and sharpen teaching skills and to deepen the instructors' own personal practice.

This unique continuing education series has been created by MeJo for certified teachers who have completed a Pilates comprehensive certification program. MeJo will share her knowledge of Pilates, the exercises, the apparatus, and will teach the participants how to create a system to effectively work with each individual student within the framework of the Classical Method.

This program will:

  • Review the details of specific exercises to understand the goals and progressions.
  • Teach you how to assess and evaluate an individual's body and select specific exercises (or modifications) so you can effectively spot and cue them.
  • Explain the reasons why we would modify or vary an exercise for an individual.
  • Cover the details of the Gratz apparatus and discuss how it affects both the teacher and student.
  • Teach you how to put together and create a system that will most benefit your student.
  • Teach you how to progress the student for their specific needs.
  • Teach effective spotting and cueing, unique to the Classical Method.

The program consists of four weekend seminars: the Beginning System, Intermediate System I, Intermediate System II, and the Advanced System. All seminars will be taught on Gratz Apparatus.

The Classical Syllabus™ is not a Certification Program; therefore, apprentice hours are not required. However, those wanting to receive a Course Certificate of Completion must pass all four written case study exams.



The Seminar Dates for 2014 - 2015 are as follows:

  • The Beginner System- Nov 8th and 9th
  • The Intermediate I - January 31 and February 1st
  • The Intermediate II - March 14th and 15th
  • The Advanced * - May 16th and 17th

*The Advanced seminar requires approval for admittance

All Seminars will be held at:
Mountain Laurel Pilates • 277 Route 6, Hawley, PA 18428 • 570-857-1707

Saturdays 1:00- 7:00 and Sundays 9:30 - 3:00

The cost of each seminar is $575.00
The seminars can be taken individually, or as part of the full four seminar series. The cost for all four seminars, (assuming approval of the Advanced) is $2150.00

Email or call Judy at Mountain Laurel Pilates: 570-857-1707

For those teachers coming in from out of town and need a hotel to stay, we recommend:

  • Settlers Inn, Hawley, PA - 570-226-2993
  • Ledges Hotel, Hawley, PA -570-226-1337
  • The Hotel Belvidere - 570-226-2600
  • East Shore Lodging - 570- 226- 3293
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