The Pilates Guild Studio of the Month

Periodically The Pilates Guild will be featuring one teacher at a time on this page, as a way to thank Pilates Guild members. Today's featured teacher is Judy Fink of Mountain Laurel Pilates. Judy's fully equipped studio is located in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Check out my interview with my friend, and a great teacher, Judy Fink:

How would you describe the value of your education and certification experience?

Where do I start? My experience going through the NY Pilates Studio was like none other. I can say that because I went through 2 certifications prior to bridging to the NY Pilates Studio. I originally was taking Pilates for myself through a Romana Teacher and was delighted to have taken sessions with Romana and her daughter Sari. When I decided to continue my education I wanted to train with Romana but I was unable to spend all of the apprentice hours required in NYC. I was living in Pennsylvania and starting a family. I chose Peak Pilates. After a couple of years I felt I still needed more knowledge so I bridged to Power Pilates. Again, after a few years, I had this feeling that I want to learn more!

I wanted so badly to go through the NY Pilates Studio! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be welcomed with my background of teacher training. It was the opposite. I was welcomed into the program! I was treated with respect. I was treated as an equal. I was totally comfortable throughout the whole teacher training… whether it was Sean, Junghee, or Suzanne teaching. They wanted you to ask questions! They wanted you to know the “why” for every exercise, the “why" for the order. I left the program realizing that I was never happy because I never learned the “why” for everything we do in Pilates. I went back to my studio teaching with a stronger sense of the work and I know I am a better teacher for it!

What types of clients do you see on a weekly basis?

I see quite a range of clients. I have clients in their 30’s that have come to me to get stronger and more flexible. I have people coming in with back issues and want to strengthen their abdominals and find out it is a total body strengthening! I have post surgery clients that have been recommended by their PT. Golfers that want to improve their game. People of all types and ages come. I have one client who is 77 years old. She does Pilates and Yoga and Walks. She is in awesome shape! I want to be just like her at 77!

Can you describe the benefits any clients have experienced in daily life due to pilates?

I have worked with post mastectomy clients that have lost their ROM in their arm, chest and back. Now being able to reach the top shelf in her kitchen or wherever or carry something in that arm because of strength and flexibility. Post PT runner that had knee surgery to build strength back so she could run again!I have been very lucky to have some wonderful clients!

What do you most enjoy about teaching?

I enjoy most seeing people make progress. It can be the simplest change. It’s like the client gets this look on their face or sometimes they will even say “I think I'm getting it” after their 3rd or 4th visit.I also like seeing someone who thought a certain movement was just impossible and one day they can do it!!!

Can you share any funny quotes you’ve heard from clients in the studio about pilates?

People say they hear me in their dreams! I guess I must make some impact on their lives. Or a client saying that she practices her in and up while driving or standing in the grocery line!

What are your favorite pieces of equipment or exercises?

I am a true lover of the reformer! I love all of the pieces. Well, almost all. I have a love/hate relationship with the Wunda chair!Lol!

How would you describe your studio?

I have a full service Pilates Studio in the Pocono Mountains. The equipment is all Gratz and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started on Peak Pilates equipment when I first opened my studio in 2001. I thought I was so strong! The difference is Gratz makes you strong other equipment makes you think you are strong!

What does it mean to you to be a Pilates Guild Certified teacher?

In my opinion the Guild Certified teachers are striving for the highest standard of learning, understanding, teaching authentic pilates.

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