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To schedule an appointment, and for additional information, please call us at 570-857-1707 or visit our schedule page to sign up. It is best to review available scheduling over the phone or by coming in. For first time appointments, an advance payment is required to confirm your session time. Please arrive to your first session five minutes early to complete introductory forms. All scheduled appointments are paid in advance. We accept Cash, Check, Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Scheduling Pilates Appointments

If this is your first time at the studio you will fill out paperwork, and store your personal belongings before class starts. Be prepared to show up about 10 minutes before class starts to get everything set and ready to go so you don’t feel rushed. Please be aware of any sharp articles including zippers, buttons and jewelry. They will not be allowed in the exercise room.

How long does a session typically take?

Sessions are between 45 and 55 minutes.

What should I wear?

I recommend wearing comfortable breathable clothing. Please keep in mind not to wear anything baggy as the instructor will need to keep an eye on proper alignment and movement. Shoes are not worn. If you prefer something on your feet, sticky socks are great! We do sell them at the Studio and are available at the desk. Please be aware of any sharp articles including zippers, buttons and jewelry. They will not be allowed in the exercise room.

How often do I need to do Pilates to see results?

By committing to Pilates two to three times a week, you will get results! How long before I see results? The answer to this question varies and depends on the determination of the student, frequency of workouts, ability to focus and attention to the teacher's direction and body awareness. If all factors are present, results are usually quick.

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?

Pilates, because of its resistive nature, will tone and lengthen muscle groups creating a longer, leaner appearance. Yet although the waistline will narrow and the thighs will slim down, Pilates is not a cardio workout. Pilates coupled with a cardio and diet regimens are the best ways to balance the scale of caloric energy.

In addition, you will probably sleep better, have increased energy, stress release, and reduced fatigue and/or chronic pain.

What will doing Pilates do for me?
  • Improved posture
  • Strengthened and toned muscles without added bulk
  • Increased flexibility and muscle control
  • Improved alignment, coordination, and balance
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Uniformly developed muscles
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved body awareness
  • A more balanced body preventing muscle and soft tissue injury

In addition, you will probably sleep better, have increased energy, stress release, and reduced fatigue and/or chronic pain.

I have been injured. Is Pilates a good idea for me?

Pilates is excellent for someone who has finished physical therapy and is ready to go on with more movement conditioning. It is a system of body conditioning that is both gentle and athletic, known for its “feel good” and body transforming results.

My gym offers Pilates... why should I come to Mountain Laurel Pilates Studio?

Although the widespread availability of Pilates classes is a tribute to its effectiveness as a workout system, Pilates classes are not necessarily comparable between studios and gyms. The most noticeable difference between the two is seen in teaching style, skill and experience of the instructors. Mountain Laurel Pilates Studio has certified Pilates teachers in the Authentic Pilates Method and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) which means the classes offered here will be superior to those offered at gyms or general fitness centers. Mountain Laurel Pilates Studio also offers an extensive selection of Pilates equipment whereas the Pilates classes at gyms may only involve mats.

What are the benefits of working out with Pilates apparatus?

Pilates apparatus consists of a wide array of equipment designed to accommodate clients at every ability level.

What is a Tower class?

The Pilates Tower is a unit that consists of springs and bars. In the Tower class students learn to build on the mat exercises utilizing the Tower apparatus for resistance. The varying types of resistance available in the Tower exercises help students continue to better engage the powerhouse. It is slower paced and the instructor will take time to familiarize the students with how to use the Tower.

What is the difference between apparatus/equipment sessions and mat classes?

The complete Pilates method involves both the apparatus and mat exercises. It is common to combine your private or semi-private session with a mat class. While both private/semi-private and group classes focus on flow, efficiency and control of movement, as well as precision, a private session will better allow the student to focus on his/her individual needs. During a private semi/private session the student can expect to work on some of the following equipment: mat, the reformer (a gliding bed attached to springs and a frame), the Cadillac (the largest piece, also referred to as the "Trap Table" is a flat mat surrounded by a wooden frame, metal vertical poles on each corner, attaching springs) and the chair (a seated apparatus with springs). Mat classes use a mat and your own body's weight as resistance against gravity. Although both are beneficial, the springs add both assistance work as well as resistance work to the method.

What to expect in a group class?

Classical Pilates teaches body awareness and helps develop a new level of mind and body connection. Everybody including men and women, athletes, dancers, new mothers, office workers, and let’s not forget us baby boomers! It doesn’t matter if you are physically active or people recovering from injuries have all experienced the benefits of Pilates at Mountain Laurel Pilates.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. Gift Certificates are available online or in the studio. Choose any denomination or purchase by class. We will be happy to assist you with your decision.


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