Judy Fink

Judy Fink

Judy Fink is a comprehensively trained instructor in classical Pilates. She believes in sharing her knowledge of pilates. You will be in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. My goal is to teach clients how the method can help the body. From back problems, improving posture, toning the whole body including those problem areas! It has been known to completely change your every day life!

Judy Fink left White Plains, New York, to start a new life with her new husband at Lake Wallenpaupack. Judy, after having been passionately involved in the antique jewelry business for 15 years, moved to the place where she loved to vacation, where she met her husband.

Judy soon found another passion. She had always liked keeping in shape, doing cardio, weight training, step classes and kickboxing, but she never saw the results she was looking for. She burned the calories to stay thin but never saw a change in her body until she found Pilates. “I read an article in a magazine how all the superstars were doing this exercise called ‘Pilates’, and I needed to find out about it. It was intriguing.”

Judy found a certified, authentically trained Pilates instructor and her journey began. After starting, she felt better, looked better in all of her troubling areas and was amazed. Her troubling Epstein-Barr had reared its ugly head after overdoing the aerobics but had somehow gone away while taking Pilates. She realized this would become her true passion.

Judy started on another Pilates passion by listening to her teacher, who told her, “You would make a great teacher” after Judy filled in just one day for her teacher due to illness. Clients loved her.

Judy went on to start her next journey of teacher training in classical Pilates. Her passion for it created a desire for Judy to continue her journey by taking her second comprehensive Pilates training. Judy says, “There is always more to learn. You can never know enough about Pilates!”

Judy opened her business after her first certification in 2001. Now, in 2015, Judy has a fully equipped Pilates studio, Mountain Laurel Pilates, holding every piece of apparatus except one (The Guillotine), all from Gratz, manufacturer of the original and authentic Pilates equipment.

Judy is now, after 14 years of teaching, going through a bridging program with The New York Pilates Studio, taught by New York Pilates Studio owner Sean Gallagher, Junghee Won and Suzanne Lavey. “She felt the experience was priceless, learning from archival films to hearing Joseph's voice was truly amazing!” Judy’s passion draws her to Pilates conferences and workshops with classically trained instructors that hold true to the method.

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