Our warm, cozy, and friendly studio is the first full-service Classical Pilates studio in Hawley, PA.

One of the essential elements of pilates is the equipment used. Mountain Laurel Pilates is fully equipped with Gratz Apparatus, which is well known as the only equipment made today with Joseph Pilates exact measurements and standards. When working out on the equipment, you will begin to see incredible changes in the body that you will not get from any other manufacturer of equipment!

Judy Fink is a comprehensively trained instructor in classical Pilates. She believes in sharing her knowledge of pilates. You will be in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. My goal is to teach clients how the method can help the body. From back problems, improving posture, toning the whole body including those problem areas! It has been known to completely change your every day life! Judy is light hearted and believes in having fun while doing it!

Classic Pilates is much more than just exercise. We look forward to introducing you to a lifetime of true fitness!

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  • 8 Silk Mill Drive
    Hawley, PA 18428
  •   570.857.1707
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Mon: 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
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