As a New York City resident who regularly practices Pilates, I was anxious to find a studio in Hawley to take classes in while on vacations here. I had no idea how great Mountain Laurel Pilates would be! Judy Fink is a masterful instructor who appears to be made up of equal parts of expertise, caring, and a genuine interest in the well being of each of her “students”. She is able to use her extensive training in Classical Pilates to help each of us reach our true potentials of strength, balance and flexibility. She has a keen eye, and is quick to help us make adjustments to correct our form and maximize our workouts as needed. Make no mistake about it, the classes are intense and will truly stretch your limits; but Judy will be there to make modifications and give support as needed, so you can feel confident that you are strong and capable enough to complete even the most rigorous of workouts. The feelings of pride, accomplishment, and strength that you will enjoy after the class make every moment more than worth it! I can truly say that practicing Pilates here at Mountain Laurel Studio is a more gratifying and pure Pilates experience than any I have had at my New York City studios. I absolutely recommend that you try it...you will be happy you did!


I really enjoy training with Judy at Mountain Laurel Pilates, because she has a wonderful gentle manner, and her expertise allows her to modify the exercises to fit my body limitations. She is AWESOME!


My health I know is my greatest wealth.  Thanks to Judy at Mountain Laurel Pilates and all of her encouragement I feel like a million bucks!  When I started Pilates with Judy, I was very uncomfortable physically as well as emotionally. Being very overweight, obese according to statistics, made my life that much more difficult. After 7 months of doing Pilates, going on my treadmill and minimal weight lifting thus far(stepping up weights now) healthy eating, minus a few party nights lol have to live...but going right back to Pilates and my healthy lifestyle of feeling great is absolutely, priceless!  I challenge anyone who thinks they don't have the time or money to do Pilates to reconsider, your health is also your greatest wealth!  You feel great, look better and can accomplish so much more in your life. If you want to restore your body, invigorate your mind and elevate your spirit, Pilates is for you! I truly thought I passed the point of no return but not true you can change the shape of your body.  Letting you know I went from a 1x even a couple 2x oh no!!! now a size 10 petite jeans and 10 petite skirt- that are now getting loose. Life is so much easier in so many ways... from first thing in the morning not having to roll out of bed...lol it's time people... life is better with Pilates.  Peace, love and good health to all!


We found your studio after having given up on the idea of doing Pilates in Pike County. We had done five years of Pilates in New York City before we moved here full time and found its benefits meaningful. We were very happily surprised to find you and have not been disappointed! You have provided Ralph and I with excellent instruction and worked to gear our sessions to both of us even though we are at different skill levels. You are an effective and motivating instructor on both floor exercises and the machines. You have encouraged us to progress further and further with Pilates, developing our stamina and strength. We are able to quickly and easily schedule appointments and able to change them when needed. You have made it possible for us to share this experience. Thanks!!

Linda and Ralph

A "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" Is this you? I have always been active. I teach water aerobics and low impact aerobics for 6 months in Texas for the winter. I also rollerblade and walk with my husband and Black Lab, Benjamin, 3-4 miles each day. Over the years my cholesterol and triglycerides kept heading higher to the not safe zone. I did not want to take medication so I added Judy Fink's Pilates private classes 2 days a week and I do practice 2 extra days at home. Well I am very happy to report my triglycerides went down 60 points and my cholesterol went down 23 points. "Notice" - no medication taken!! The only thing new -“Pilates".

Sharon Firmstone

I was attracted to Pilates because of my age and I thought I needed to try and stay healthy.  Judith Fink is a wonderful instructor and watches the way you move so that you do not hurt yourself.  I found that since I started, I am getting stronger and feel better.


After she recovered from surgery and treatment, Kathy began physical therapy and started a walking program on her own. She knew she needed more physically and mentally, and a friend recommended Pilates at the Mountain Laurel studio and also informed Kathy of the positive feedback on the research about Pilates and breast cancer. Kathy and Judy developed an instant connection, and now, Kathy attends Pilates there at least three times a week. “It’s quite addictive and the studio is a safe haven.” Since Kathy began attending Pilates with Judy, she has achieved her goal of being able to do sit ups again and only after four lessons. She is also stronger, more erect, more energized, has regained full range of motion, and feels positive about herself. “There was a time in my life when I didn’t know if I would feel good about myself again. Now, I feel better about myself than I did before surgery.”

Kathy Drobny

A friend introduced me to Pilates about 12 years ago and I have enjoyed the benefits of Pilates since.   When Judy opened her studio I was so excited to have a certified Pilates instructor so close to home.  Judy has extensive knowledge in the Pilates principles, her cueing is descriptive and right on, and she continues to challenge me to do my best and to try new exercises.  If I miss my Pilates classes for one week, my body cries for the core and flexibility exercises that make up the Pilates exercise program. Thanks, Judy for all you do.  


About 6 years ago I was intrigued about Pilates.  Since exercise has always been apart of my life I decided to be fearless and check it out.  It was truly one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Pilates is the one program that has given me the most bang for the buck.  In short order I began to see a difference in my body.  I felt stronger, taller and yes believe it or not shrinkage in the buttocks and thigh areas of my body.  I began to have a waist and my clothes fit me better.  I also have a cronic knee problem. I believe the tower classes using the springs to help strengthen my quads has helped tremendously, so far no surgery.  I love pilates and I am so glad that I did not let fear hold me back from attending my first class.  I would recommend this form of exercise for anyone because you can go at your own pace as you listen to your body.  Thank you Judy Fink for introducing me to Power Pilates!

Peg H

It wasn’t long before Nancy discovered Pilates. The Hawley resident started coming to Mountain Laurel Pilate this past January and now attends classes about four times a week. “Pilates strengthened me physically, emotionally and spiritually,” said Nancy. For Nancy, Pilates with Judy is a one-on-one experience that helps with strengthening, moving, range of motion, improving balance, posture, breathing and flexibility. “It’s good for the body and soul,” said Nancy. As important as the physical aspect of Pilates is, the emotional aspect is just as vital. “The companionship and camaraderie with Judy and the other women is wonderful,” said Nancy, who enjoys and looks forward to every class.

Nancy Ahrens

If you are on the fence about taking meds with so many side effects, think of getting involved with Judy's Pilates. You really are worth the cost of the classes. Go for it!! Ten knobby misshapen digits. The second left digit going off in its own direction. The largest left digit frozen at the 1st joint. On the right two misplaced arch bones resulting in bony overgrowth. Thus we have a description of osteoarthritis, pain and my feet. Then I started Pilates in January 2009, not for my feet but for my core muscles "the pot belly." Imagine my delight and surprise when I walked 9 holes of golf with no pain. I wore heels for the 1st time with no pain. Even better, my wayward 2nd toe is flattening and staying more in line with its fellow toes. The Pilates foot work has given me an ability to hike, walk and golf with no pain. Try Pilates! You will be surprised at the secondary results.


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